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Pritish Vaidya
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Pritish Vaidya
Mobile Development
Experienced in building Responsive and Optimised Native Mobile Apps in React Native. Test Driven Development in Unit and Gray box tests.
Web Development
Building Responsive and Optimised Web Applications in React. Test Driven Development in Unit tests.
Automation and Design
Automating Application Deployments. Designing Web and Mobile Interfaces using Sketch Tools
About Me
I'm a FullStack JavaScript Developer and an occasional Designer. providing services in developing Cross Platform Mobile and Web Apps in trending technologies. I love to contribute to the Open Source Community as much as possible.

I play covers of famous Metal Music Master and Spanish Flamenco using fingerstyle guitar techniques. You can also find me playing Online Multiplayer Games (MMORPG, MOBA, RPG) on either Steam or Blizzard.
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MetalCloud is a both a Platform and an App for Metal Fans. The main aim is to provide Metal Music based on 20 different genres to the Metal Enthusiasts.

Currently the app fetches it's music from the SoundCloud's store.
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Tiffinity's main motive is Homemade Food Delivered. It is an online food ordering system serving Home made food in Ahmedabad, Gujarat region.

The web and mobile apps allow for the online ordering of the food from the chef's that are registered in the portal.

The chefs can be registered in the portal, through the web and mobile app built for it, which will be furthur valiated by our experts.
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The world's first and only autonomous platform allowing Physician jobseekers to engage directly with Staff/ In-house Recruiters in a single, search to placement, mobile platform.

Everything healthcare recruitment, in a single solution.
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Player Ally for Dota 2
Player Ally for Dota 2 is a analytics App where the user can check his records without logging in to the game.

The App provides Profile, Stats, Analytics, Graphs and also predicts the ranking of the individual.
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